10th phase of excavation ends at Kodumanal

The 10th season of archaeological excavation at Kodumanal ended on Thursday as the licence period for the latest phase was till September 30. Official sources said that they were completely winding up excavation activities in the site.

The Kodumanal excavation was started in 1985 and archaeological excavation had been carried out in the site in 10 phases.

According to officials, the licence for excavation was taken for a period of one year and it was due by September 30. Official sources said that the land would be returned to its owners. However, decision on retaining it as an open site had to be taken by the State government.

J. Ranjith, Project Director said that over two acres of land had been excavated as part of the project and in the 10th phase alone, over 2,000 artefacts were excavated. During the entire study, over 9,000 artefacts were excavated from the site. Mr. Ranjith said that they had engaged about 10 student scholars to complete the photo-documentation, writing, and drawing works.

The excavations at Kodumanal brought to light aspects about megalithic and early historic cultural periods. Mentioned as Kodumanam in Sangam literature, the village was an industrial and trade centre about 2,300 years ago and they made iron, steel, bangles out of shells and exquisite beads.

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