200 acres of paddy crop submerged in Tiruchi district

All watercourses brimming with water

Paddy fields in some parts of Tiruchi district have been inundated due to widespread rain over the past few days.

Almost all watercourses, including canals and supply channels, are brimming with water since Friday. The heavy flow of water continues in Koraiyar, Uyyakondan river and Kodingal vaical following torrential rain in catchment areas in several parts of Pudukottai, Tiruchi and Karur districts. Some parts of Tiruchi district are flooded.

According to sources, a large tract of paddy fields in Anthanallur and Manikandam unions are submerged. The overflowing water in supply channels due to impact of heavy flow in the Koraiyar has entered the paddy crop raised in at least 50 acres in Manikandam on Allithurai-Manikandam Road. Though it does not pose immediate threat to the standing crop, as they are in the tender stage, anxious farmers worked overtime to drain out the excess water.

“Paddy crop in patches are under rainwater for the last three days. The crop should not be under water for more than a week. Hence, we keep a close watch and drain out the excess water as quickly as possible,” says S. Karuppaiah, a farmer of Manikandam.

Similarly, several acres of standing paddy crop in Pulivalam, Arasangudi, Pathalapettai and Kiliyur have also been submerged.

According to Collector S. Sivarasu, who visited various places on Tuesday, a preliminary report estimated that paddy raised on about 200 acres has been inundated. Officials of the agriculture and revenue departments have been asked to survey the flood-hit agricultural fields.

In most places, the samba crop is less than 30 days old and may not survive the inundation for more than two or three days, Agriculture Department sources indicate.

The inundation comes at a time when the department was hoping an increase in area of coverage under paddy and other crops, including pulses and oilseeds, by at least 10% this year due to the widespread rain.

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