50% of Dell’s staff to WFH post-crisis

More than half of the employees at Dell Technologies will continue to work remotely even after the end of the coronavirus pandemic, Amit Midha, president, Asia Pacific and Japan, said on Friday.

The scenario in India is similar to the global trend and Dell will adhere to specific rules in each country where it operates. In mid-March, the company enabled 90% of its global workforce to work from home.

In India, the number was close to 100%.

Dell has created a real-time data driven dashboard known as the Inversed Risk Matrix, which is aimed at helping the company assess the situation and take appropriate decisions on whether to return to office or their respective sites.

“Our data scientists in collaboration with medical professionals built the tool to help us make sense of all the health data to make informed decisions that put the health and safety of our team members and communities first,” said John Scimone, chief security officer, Dell Technologies.

Dell is taking a “conservative and phased” approach of returning to site.

The company said it will prioritise based on those team members who can be more productive on site or have challenges working from home. Midha said the productivity of Dell’s employees has not been adversely impacted due to remote working. In fact, employees are “more productive” with a flexible mode of working, he added

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