529 offers for 525 students at IIM-Bangalore, most offers from consultancy

IIM-B claims 100 per cent students have been placed. The first batch of students of the PGP-BA programme at IIM-B have also received offers in all the domains.

All 525 eligible students of IIM-Bangalore’s including PGP and PGP BA programmes were recruited for summer placements by over 130 companies which made 529 offers. The summer placement was conducted online due to the pandemic. Roles offered included PE/VC, business analytics, consulting, finance, general management, IT/product management, operations, sales and marketing.

A total of 144 offers were made in consulting, and 71 offers made in the domain of finance, banking and investments. A total of 95 offers were made in marketing and sales offers. As many as 81 leadership tracks or general management track offers were made by Indian business conglomerates. In addition, there were 93 offers in the broad domain of Information Technology (IT), and 27 offers were made in the operations sector, the IIM-B said in an official statement.

“Traditional recruiters have supported us by bringing in new roles across divisions. New recruiters have come in. Other than the domain of consulting, students have also received a large number of offers for S&M (95), general management (81) and finance (71),” said Anushree Jibhakate, student placement representative, IIM-Bangalore.

The first batch of students of the PGP-BA programme at IIM-B has also received offers in all the domains. Professor U Dinesh Kumar, the chairperson of MBA in business analytics, said that the response from prominent companies is a show of faith in the analytics programme offered by IIM-B.

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