A calendar showcasing the successes of transgender people

Born2Win Trust, has brought out a calendar for 2021 that features 21 transgender people who have been successful in different professions

Saanvi Santosh runs a DTP centre, Sindhu Mary owns a bakery and Divya Priya plans to start a tailoring unit. They are among the 21 transgender people to be featured in the Born2Win Trust calendar for the year 2021.

Each calendar is priced ₹500, and proceeds from the sale will go towards training more transgender people in different skills, so that they can start their own businesses. A portion of the proceeds will also go towards supporting children of single mothers studying in government schools.

“Every year, we profile those who win awards conferred by our trust on Transgender Day in April. Most of them are big-time achievers. In 2020, we could not hold the ceremony. Hence we decided to profile those who were trained by our trust. There are drivers, beauticians, make-up artists and a bakery owner among others,” said C. Swetha, founder, Born2Win Trust. She said that one month’s page will profile two transgender people and will carry a write-up about them.

“It feels very good to be profiled in a calendar. I feel as if I have achieved something,” rejoiced Ms. Divya Priya.

28-year-old Ms. Saanvi was a teacher at a college. After her transition, she did not get any opportunities to teach. She is trying to start an education institution with the help of Born2Win Trust. “I believe in creating opportunities rather than waiting for help from others. Though the DTP centre is fetching only half the amount I earned as a lecturer, I am now happy and satisfied as I can work in my DTP center as a transgender person without hiding my identity,” she said.

23-year-old Sindhu Mary is a B.Sc medical biotechnology graduate, who used to teach English to priests who went abroad to work at temples. “After transition, I make cookies and sell them. We need opportunities, not sympathy. We can also prove ourselves,” she said.

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