A sapling for every recovered patient

A sapling is gifted to each patient recovering from COVID-19 at the Velan Speciality Hospitals in Subramaniyapuram at the time of discharge. Doctors at the hospital say it is a symbolic way to create awareness of the importance of oxygen and create a sense of optimism for the patient.

The 40-bedded hospital has reserved 25 beds for COVID-19 patients and while they have been treating them since last year, patients visiting the hospital this year are more anxious and afraid, said its Managing Director K. Rajavel. There is sufficient supply of oxygen in Tiruchi and and there is the support of various industries in our vicinity, he said. The sapling would be a reminder of the patient’s victory over COVID-19 and watching it grow as they tend to it will help them in their recovery. It would be a constant reminder of how important oxygen is for earth.

The hospital provides psychiatric counselling for the patients and their attenders to help them get out of their fear. However, many complain of feeling depressed and alone, doctors said. ‘Even though the staff at the hospital monitor them on a regular basis and interact with them, the human connection is lost as they all wear PPE kits for their own safety. The saplings are a way of creating an environment of positivity, he said.

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