A true-blue green wedding, with KSRTC in the lead

Bride and groom hire State bus for their travel home since it is the ‘common man’s vehicle’

A marriage solemnised at the Muthalamada grama panchayat in the district on Sunday was a talking point here because of its difference. The bride and groom, Baiju Mangad and Susmita, chose a KSRTC bus to travel home from the wedding hall.

Baiju and Susmita, who tied the knot at Pothempadam Community Hall in Muthalamada panchayat, became arguably the second couple in the State to use a KSRTC bus for their nuptial journey. Another man named Baiju had used the transport utility’s bus for the same purpose at Kottarakara sometime ago.

Baiju said he wanted to drive home the message that KSRTC buses would be available for local people at moderate rates. A video on social media had prompted his decision. “It’s the vehicle of the common man. It’s affordable too,” he said.

The KSRTC gives its buses for marriage functions at ₹12,000 for 300 km up-and-down. KSRTC officials said there would be changes on the basis of the time and the route. Their buses will also be available for school trips.

A social worker from Thathamangalam, Baiju decorated the bus in Kerala style by sticking on to the green protocol. No plastic was used at the wedding. He used plates made of areca leaves for nearly 1,000 people at the reception. An elephant lover, Bajiu ensured that an elephant caparison (nettippattom) decorated the KSRTC bus at the front. Two plantain trunks were tied to the side rear-view mirrors and two bunches of palmyra fruit were hung in the front of the bus to give that ethnic touch.

Seeds as gift

The invitees were given a gift pouch containing vegetable seeds. “It’s a symbol of regeneration. The best gift to be given at green protocol function,” said an attendee.

The bus sported the name of the bride and groom at the place where the destination is usually displayed. People looked on bemused as the marriage party travelled in the government bus. And several people jostled to click a photo on their mobile phones.

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