Academy told to initiate process for including Tulu script in Unicode map

Minister for Forest, Kannada and Culture Arvind Limbavali has said that the department has asked the Karnataka Tulu Sahitya Academy to take steps to include Tulu script developed by it with much concern in the Unicode mapping list.

A release here said that the process of including Tulu script in the Unicode map will gain momentum with this move.

Mr. Limbavali said that several rounds of discussions had taken place about framing a Tulu script in the last decade. The academy has now accepted the script prepared in consultation with experts in Tulu language and script. The government has approved a proposal to include the script in the Unicode map, he said.

After the department requested the Central Institute of Indian Languages in Mysuru to examine the script and give its opinion, the institute formed a committee of language experts which discussed the proposal in detail and has recommended submitting the script to the Unicode Consortium. Following this recommendation, the department has asked the academy to go ahead with it, Mr. Limbavali said.

Efforts to framing Tulu script will get a boost if the script comes to be used on digital platforms, print literature and publicity material.

Mr. Limbavali said that he will be happy to be a part of the celebrations when Tulu language that was a part of the Tulu culture in the over nine centuries of administration in the history of the State will get included in the Unicode map. The government is on a constant endeavour to nurture and promote Tulu language and culture as done for other languages in the State, the Minister added.

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