Actor alleges that CBI impersonator attempted to hack her mobile phone

He also tried to get her e-mail passwords, passport details

The actor, who levelled allegations of cheating against former IT Minister M. Manikandan, lodged a complaint with the police alleging that a fraudster claiming to be an officer of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) attempted to hack her mobile phone and erase personal details.

The former IT Minister of the AIADMK government was booked on Sunday by the All-Women Police, Adyar, following a complaint filed by the actor, who accused him of cheating her in a relationship. The case is being investigated by a special team of personnel led by the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Adyar. Collection of evidence is under way.

Under these circumstances, the complainant alleged that an unknown person, who claimed to be a representative of the CBI, attempted to hack her mobile phone and e-mail account. Sources said she alleged that the fraudster had asked for her user names and passwords. The caller asked her to provide her passport details over the phone and also attempted to hack her e-mail account and details on the phone.

Prima facie evidence

Meanwhile, Police Commissioner Shankar Jiwal on Wednesday said there was prima facie evidence on the allegation made in the complaint lodged by the actor against the former Minister, and steps were being taken to record the statement of the complainant soon.

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