Actress Kavitha husband passed away due to Coronavirus

Everyone from celebrities to commoners are victims of the deadly coronavirus. Over the past 18 months, many people infected with  Covid-19, and continue to lose their family members, relatives and friends. The deadly virus  continues to plague the film industries, from Hollywood to Bollywood, Tollywood and Kollywood.

Due to the coronavirus, the industry lost a lot of people.  It is known news that Kavitha’ son Sanjay Roop was infected by the  Coronavirus and has passed away on 15th June.  Her husband Dasaratha Raj was fighting for his life. He was receiving Covid-19 treatment for the past few days.  Now according to the latest report, Actress Kavitha’ husband Sanjay Roop also passed away due to the Coronavirus.

Meanwhile, many people in the Indian film industry have lost their lives during the second wave of the deadly coronavirus. Last month, Tamil actor and comedian Pandu breathed his last due to  the Coronavirus. Renowned director KV Anand also died of complications of Coronavirus.

Kavitha is a popular name in South Indian film Industry.   She has acted in movies such as Aada Paandavulu, Chethilo Cheyyesi, Meenakshi, and Yugalageetham.  Kavitha has been a part of the Southern film fraternity since she was  just 11 years old.

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