Aid to tenant farmers only on humanitarian grounds

Govt. committed to protect interests of genuine ryots, says CM

Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao has said that the government was prepared to come to the rescue of tenant farmers considering their plight on humanitarian grounds.

The Chief Minister reiterated that the government was committed to protect genuine farmers and the government had a clear policy with regard to tenant farmers. Tenancy was an agreement between the farmer and the tenant. Tenancy would not have continuity and it would not be possible to change the records every time there was change in the tenant.

The government was not in favour of sacrificing the interests of genuine farmers in the name of tenants. Several changes were ushered in and some columns had been removed from the Dharani portal accordingly.

Unlike in the past when officials of the rank of village revenue assistants created problems relating to farmers’ land holdings, the government had streamlined the entire processes by initiatives like Dharani. “Land rates in Telangana are increasing by the day. The government introduced Dharani to ensure transparency and it gave huge relief to farmers,” he said participating in a debate during the Question Hour in the Legislative Assembly on Friday.

He reiterated that the government was firm on protecting the rights of genuine farmers on their lands and said it would not be averse to coming to the rescue of tenants and tribal farmers if they were in crisis by sanctioning ₹ 200 crore. In this context, he recalled how the government gave pattas on ROFR lands that benefitted over 3 lakh farmers across the State who were now getting assistance under Rythu Bandhu.

“We can consider the issue of tenant farmers on humanitarian grounds, but not at the expense of genuine farmers,” he averred adding that the government was committed to protect the lands of genuine farmers as a policy.

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