All arrangements ready for contingency

The Tiruchi Corporation has drawn up a plan to tackle the civic issues which may arise during the monsoon period. Apart from being equipped with machinery, a helpline to address public grievances has also been set up.

Stormwater drains spanning to about 43 km have been cleaned up in preparation, said S. Sivasubramanian, Corporation Commissioner. Low-lying areas have been earmarked and precautionary measures including alerting the residents have been undertaken. The officials, based on the rain forecast, have been asked to provide updates to the public.

A total of 12 motors, lorries, two earth movers and other facilities have been kept ready for immediate use, if need arises. A special monitoring team has been set up at each zonal office to ensure that the zones are being monitored for inundation, clogging and other such issues regularly, he said. ‘In case of trees being uprooted, staff are on standby to immediately rush to the spot and clear them, he added.

A total of 42 schools across the cities have been kept ready, in case evacuation was necessary due to inundation of residential localities. ‘Food arrangements and other needs are on standby,’ he said.

A designated phone operator has been appointed at all four zonal offices to respond to public grievances, he said.

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