‘All became Narendra Modi and led the campaign’: PM in Varanasi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said he was not worried about the poll result in Varanasi as people of Kashi spearheaded his election campaign.

Addressing BJP workers during his thanksgiving visit to the counstituency, he said, “I had time. I could have come to Kashi on May 17 or 18. But as people of Kashi asked me not to come here till results, I followed their instruction. Then I thought… Ye Baba nahi (Baba Kashi Vishwanath) to wo Baba sahi and I went to Baba Kedarnath and I sat at His feet.”

Perhaps no other candidate was as satisfied or contented as he was before the results were announced, the PM said, adding that the reason was the confidence of Kashivasis.

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“Everyone became a Narendra Modi and led the campaign. This campaign was driven by the citizens. The people worked very hard and they did not see these polls solely from the prism of victory and defeat. They made the polls about Lok Shiksha. The people of Kashi categorically told me not to come here till the results; they will spearhead the entire campaign. I am grateful to the people of Kashi for organising several programmes through the campaign. These elections became a festival of democracy,” PM Modi said.

The PM underlined that such large support from across the country was made possible because people had faith in the ‘Saaf Niyat, Sahi Vikas’ approach of the BJP government.

First Published:
May 27, 2019 20:28 IST

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