Allu Arjun accepts for only Rs 7.5 cr per day, instead of Rs 10 cr, Here's the reason

Icon Star Allu Arjun is doing back-to-back advertisements in his stylish demeanour and winning the hearts of the viewers. His recent blockbuster Pushpa has raised his brand value pan-India. So far, he has done some interesting ads like Zomato, Rapido, Astral Pipes and many others. He has recently hiked his remuneration to Rs 7.5 crore per day to accomplish an ad.

Amid being busy with different kinds of brand endorsements, a famous gutka brand and a liquor company had approached him and offered Rs 10 crore per day to endorse the ad.

But, Allu Arjun has refused to do it, even though they offered a highly commercial price to pay him. He said that he doesn’t want to promote such illicit things and he is completely against such surrogate advertising. So, he gave his preference only to the valuables which are very much useful for the society, but not for money.

Recognising Allu Arjun’s benevolence, his fans’ association took to Twitter and tweeted, “Charging 7.5 cr per day for an AD. Refused 10 cr per day offer. Biggest BR’AA’ND with greatest principles. Forever our INSPIRATION.”

The stylish star has repeatedly emerged amongst the most popular and the most admired personalities in the country, making him a pacemaker for most endorsement deals in the country these days. 

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