An award for a best corporation school to be given


Leading psychiatrist and founder of M.S. Chellamuthu Trust and Research Foundation C. Ramasubramanian said that an award would be given for one best corporation school that takes earnest efforts to prioritise students’ emotional well-being, under the Happy Schooling 2.0 programme while addressing a group of corporation school headmasters that was given psychological first-aid training to help students.

Happy Schooling programme was initiated in 2018 by the Madurai Corporation in 24 of its schools, with the support of HCL Foundation and MSCT&RF, to promote academic excellence and emotional well-being among students.

In the three year period, it has managed to sensitise 13,500 students and more than 500 teachers from Corporation schools to mental health. As an extension programme, Happy Schooling 2.0 was kick-started recently to provide mental health awareness across all the schools run by the Corporation. It will focus on providing literacy, training and intervention at 4-levels: school heads, teachers, students and parents.

As part of its first meet on Saturday, headmasters of 59 corporation schools were given psychological first-aid training.

G. Gurubharathy, Principal, M.S. Chellamuthu Institute of Mental Health and Rehabilitation, who conducted the session, said, “As schools have opened after the pandemic, students may face transitional stress. We are training teachers to help students handle this stress. Psychological first aid training provides them with guidance on how to identify and give attention to students who seem distressed. If they identify such children, they can bring them to our attention and we will help them.”

Dr. Ramasubramanian said that mental health is a very significant aspect in the 21st century and particularly due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation. He said the pandemic had impacted all of us psychologically. Students might be going through stress or face problems like phone addiction, in this period. Teachers should have a good understanding of their students’ behaviour and bring them to our attention when they require help. One best school that takes earnest efforts for its students through this programme will be given an award.”

He also said there was a plan to provide interested corporation school teachers an opportunity to take up diploma courses on counselling.

Schools and teachers can approach the helpline 93754 93754 to seek relief from a team of counsellors, if students face mental health issues.

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