Annoyed Ranbir Kapoor throws away fan phone after Selfie

A video is going viral on the Internet that shows Bollywood actor  Ranbir Kapoor throwing away the phone of a fan who was trying to click a selfie with him . In the video, Ranbir Kapoor is seen smiling and posing with the young fan who has a mobile phone in his hand. The man is seen trying to click the perfect selfie several times, but all his attempts fail. This makes  Brahmastra fame Ranbir Kapoor angry who asks for the man’s phone and threw away.  Currently the hashtag ‘AngryRanbirKapoor’ is trending on Twitter. While some people thought Ranbir Kapoor was rather harsh to the fan, the majority of online users think it was a joke or Ranbir was filming for an ad campaign.  Few fan reactions are as follows:

Chakroborty: I’M A Fan of #RanbirKapoor The actor but this behaviour isn’t Justified RK!! Please for ur Fans Apologize to this guy for once #TJMM #ranbir

 Rahull: For celebrities’ like #RanbirKapoor this type of actions towards their fans are not Fine,What’s this behaviour? #angryranbirkapoor

 Upala: I think Ranbir Kapoor throwing a fan’s camera is part of an ad gimmick… a cell phone ad maybe? RK is one of the most well-behaved & well-brought stars I know & he could/would never lose his cool in public like this. And he loves his fans.

 Raymand: It is frustrating for us fans to see a promotional campaign using its brand ambassador’s image especially when he doesn’t have a PR. Just praying they release the ad as soon as possible.

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