Another multistarrer after RRR as BBB with Boyapati

Rajamouli has recently completed ‘RRR’. At the time of the planned release, the corona on one side and the AP government on the other were blocked. Everyone knows this stuff. Putting this aside.. ‘RRR’ means Rajamouli, Rama Rao, Rancharan symbolically saying that they brought huge hype to the film from the very beginning. Industry talk that ‘BBB’ is also likely to go on the sets soon.

‘BBB’ means Boyapati, Balayya, Bunny. In recent times, Balayya has become very close to ‘Geeta Arts’. He also hosted the talk show ‘Unstoppable’ for ‘Aha’. This talk show set a new record in the South as well as the North. In addition, Bunny and Balayya also acted in ‘Akhanda’ promotions and ‘Pushpa’ promotions. Now everyone thinks that it is natural for the news that a movie will come in their combination.

But if you go into the depths here.. The news that Boyapati is going to do with the next movie Bunny is pretty much finalized. This is the latest information on a multistarrer script. Boyapati – Balayya The Blockbuster Combination. Proved not to turn to it. Boypatin also strengthened the bunny mass image with ‘Sarainodu’ ..! So there is no need to say specifically how many records the movie will give if it falls in this combination.

Recently, Boyapati reacted indirectly by saying, “It does not mean that it has happened soon. There is nothing that does not happen here.” So .. let’s see if this project is set ..!

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