Asian palm civet trapped in a cage, released

An Asian palm civet that accidentally was caught in a trap set for rats was rescued and released into Vilamundi Forest Range in Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve (STR) here on Saturday.

Soundarrajan of Oppalavaadanur, near Shenbagapudur, a banana trader, placed a cage near his house to trap rats. On Saturday evening, he found a Mongoose-like species in the cage and alerted Vilamundi forest range officials.

Officials identified the species as Asian palm civet that is widely found in Southeast Asian countries and also a least-concern species that has been categorised by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Officials said that it is found in trees and is not commonly sighted during day time. It could have entered the village in search of food, they said. Officials said that it is the first time in two years that they had spotted the species in human habitation.

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