Assist court of law in upholding justice: newly inducted CBI SIs told

Upgrade knowledge through persistent and inquisitive zeal, says SC judge

Supreme Court judge Dinesh Maheshwari on Monday called upon the newly inducted SIs of the CBI to inculcate institutional integrity, strive to seek the truth and assist the court of law in coming to a decision which upheld the cause of justice.

Justice Maheshwari, who was the chief guest at the investiture ceremony of the 24th batch of the SI trainees, congratulated them and asked them to discharge their responsibilities impartially and in consonance with the oath of allegiance to the country.

He stressed on the importance of institutional integrity. “As an individual, the officers have learnt as to what integrity is about, how a person is supposed to be, as we say, of unquestionable integrity.” He said going beyond the personal integrity, the officers must understand and inculcate the institutional integrity.

“Your individual integrity, we will have no doubt about, but then, institutional integrity, again, calls upon you to understand what your surroundings are, what your institution requires, what is required of the best of your ‘I’ to our ‘we’. The aim of these academies like your academy while training you is ultimately to integrate you into the institutional integrity,” he said, according to a CBI statement.

Referring to the new-age challenges the CBI investigators were faced with, Justice Maheshwari said the officers should continuously upgrade their knowledge through persistent and inquisitive zeal. “Do not forget that whenever constitutional courts want that matters must be presented to them with impeccable true facts, it is the CBI which is called upon for the purpose.”

The batch consists of 37 SI probationers who joined the CBI Academy on September 14, 2020, and underwent 66 weeks of training on a wide range of subjectsincluding intelligence collection, bank & security fraud, other economic offences, cyber offences, drug/human trafficking and wildlife crimes.

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