At Huzurabad, is it party versus individual?

TRS win will benefit people, says Harish

Will the Huzurabad by-election see the same mode of fight fought in Dubbak by-election held last year? Will it be between an individual and a party rather than between two/ three parties? Yes, is the answer if one goes by the comments being made by leaders from the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS).

At a meeting held at the district headquarters on Thursday, Finance Minister T. Harish Rao made two critical points. “BJP is campaigning without showing the photo of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and not exhibiting the flag of the party. If former minister Eatala Rajender wins the election, it will benefit only him and people will benefit if the TRS wins. Mr Rajender did nothing even after being a minister for seven years. The Chief Minister will take the responsibility of development as in the case of Nagarjunasagar if the party wins,” said Mr. Harish Rao.

Here the Minister projected as if the fight were between Mr. Rajender and the TRS. Though Mr. Rajender joined the BJP, the ruling party at the national level, the ground reality is that the fight as of now is between Mr. Rajender and the TRS. The ruling party wants to make it a fight between two parties so that it can expose the increasing prices of petrol and diesel and the BJP not favouring any thing to Telangana.

“At Dubbak, the fight ended between a party and an individual rather than two parties. In addition to other reasons, sympathy went in favour of BJP candidate M. Raghunandan Rao. We do not want to commit the same mistake here at Huzurabad. In all practical terms, Mr. Rajender had been in our party till a few months ago and minister as well. He had scored well as health minister. People will see a fight between a ruling party and an individual as uneven and sympathy would be in favour of Mr. Rajender. This will not do good for the party. We can have the advantage and public support being local party, if the fight is turned into one between two parties,” said a TRS leader. He felt that any adverse result for the party in the by-election would create more trouble in the near future.

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