Beautification initiative to discourage dumping of garbage

KAPMI to launch 25th weekend lake clean up this Sunday

Volunteers of the Korattur Aeri Pathukappu Makkal Iyakkam (KAPMI) started painting walls of Chennai High School in Ellaiyamman Nagar, Korattur on Tuesday aiming at preventing dumping of garbage in the area.

A group of students from Government College of Fine Arts, headed by K.Swetha, turned the walls into their canvas and brought alive some scenes from daily life. Members of the KAPMI noted that it was not only an initiative for beautification of the school compound, but also to discourage residents from using the site as a makeshift dumpyard.

KAPMI’s secretary S.Sekaran said the initiative was taken up with the support of Greater Chennai Corporation. The citizens’ group is also identifying such spaces in Korattur, which are vulnerable to such problems posing threat to public sanitation. There are plans to carry out more such beautification initiatives in the area and improve sanitation.

Moreover, KAPMI plans to launch the 25th weekend Korattur lake clean up this Sunday, and plant saplings along the bund. “Our volunteers usually remove 15-20 bags of trash, including bottles and plastics, from the lake periphery. But, the lake has accumulated more waste during the heavy downpour last month,” Mr. Sekaran said.

Though several parts of the lake is covered with water hyacinth, it is also home to numerous birds, attracting many visitors. “We have planted nearly 400 saplings so far. But, maintaining them is becoming a challenge,” he added.

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