Bhind police to stamp bullets with QR codes to curb gun violence

Firearms licensees asked to come forward to get casings of bullets printed with the code ahead of byelection

The Bhind police have launched an initiative to stamp bullets with quick response (QR) codes which will help in tracing them back to the firearm, in a bid to curb gun violence.

The police had exhorted nearly 22,000 firearms licensees of the district to come forward to get casings of bullets printed with the code ahead of the byelection, as part of the country’s first such initiative, said Superintendent of Police Manoj Kumar.

In the past five years, the district had witnessed around 150 murders, most committed using illegal weapons. “Hardcore criminals procure country weapons and bullets from different locations, but others buy a country pistol and use factory-made bullets. My effort is to reduce gun violence, even if by 10%,” Mr. Kumar added.

In the Gwalior Chambal region, where there were around a lakh licence holders, owning a firearm is considered a matter of pride. “Even during election, there are complaints of bullets being sold illegally. The code will help curtail the practice too,” said Mr. Kumar.

During investigations, the blank cartridge of a fired bullet is matched with the firing pin of a firearm, which also helps in identifying the owner. “Most countries number arms, but not bullets which is a herculean task. In some, there are smart bullets having radio chips,” he said.

Mr. Kumar said the initiative was inspired by international models. “Gun violence is rampant in the United States, where smart guns having chips have been developed,” he said.

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