Bhubaneswar-Mumbai Air India flight makes emergency landing in Raipur after fire alarm

A Bhubaneswar-Mumbai Air India flight carrying 189 passengers made an emergency landing on Friday at the Raipur airport in Chhattisgarh after a fire alarm, officials said.

“After the pilot noticed the alarm indicating a fire in the plane’s left engine, the Air India flight AIC 670 made an emergency landing at Swami Vivekanand Airport at around 6pm,” Raipur airport’s director Rakesh Sahay said while speaking to HT.

The plane had taken off from Bhubaneswar at around 5.06pm and was on its way to Mumbai, the director said.

“After the flight landed, firefighters examined the engine but there was no fire. It could be a technical snag which is under investigation,” said Sahay.

“All the passengers are safe and shifted to the terminal building,” he said.

The flight has now shifted from the runaway and for normal air traffic, the director added.

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