Bifurcation is a non-issue today, says Chinta

People are more worried about rising prices and want the helping ‘Hand’ back again, says the Congress candidate

Seven years after the State suffered the pangs of bifurcation, the Indian National Congress (INC) finds it a “non-issue” today.

The party-led UPA regime’s decision on the reorganisation of Andhra Pradesh into two Telugu States had led its rout in both the States in 2014.

Though the party’s support base witnessed erosion, and a chunk of its middle rung leadership found refuge in the two regional parties, there are quite a few hardcore leaders staying glued to its ideology.

Congress Working Committee (CWC) member and former Union Minister Chinta Mohan, who is contesting as the Tirupati (SC) Lok Sabha candidate, is one such die-hard Congressman, who is bent on staying afloat with the party.

When the other parties were still holding their cards close to their chest, and when even the Congress had not officially named him the candidate, Dr. Mohan started moving into the constituency’s hinterland to take the party’s ideology to the masses.

Maintaining that he had witnessed the pulse of the voters, especially in the SC, ST, and BC colonies and in tribal hamlets, he exuded confidence over the Congress rising on the horizon again.

“Having voted for the ruthless regimes such as the BJP at the Centre and the YSRCP in the State, people are in tears today,” Dr. Mohan told The Hindu on the sidelines of his campaign on Sunday.

Though his projection is quite hard to fathom, Dr. Mohan insists that the ground reality is far from what is being projected.

On the bifurcation issue, Dr. Mohan said only two out of 100 people he had come across questioned him about the State’s division, but the remaining were more worried over the prices of essential commodities and petroleum products.

Dr. Mohan is trying to invoke the memories of senior citizens by showing them the party’s leaflet bearing the image of Indira Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Vadra.

“Rural voters are questioning me as to where has the ‘Hand’ symbol gone, as they are seeing only the ‘Fan’ and the ‘Cycle’, of late. ‘We want to see the helping Hand again’, is the obvious message from the voters,” he says.

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