Bigg Boss management planning to build a house for Gangavva

Unlike every season, this year Bigg Boss has been quite different as Gangavva, 62 years old from a remote area in Telangana has made her entry into Bigg Boss Season 4. Right from her entry, both Nagarjuna and Bigg Boss management asked the contestants to take good care of her.

Gangavva has struggled a lot in her life and said by her in the house, Gangavva has faced many hardships. Her only dream before entering the Bigg Boss is to have her own house. Gangavva in the house has played really well.

However, after a couple of weeks, she has faced health issues. Though Bigg Boss has taken good control of her, she couldn’t survive in the closed environment.

While her exit in the house, Nagarjuna has promised to help her build a new house to her but actually Bigg Boss 4 is now planning for the same.

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