Biggest jump in cases in Mysuru with 12 testing positive

Eleven are the contacts of pharmaceutical company employee (P-52) who was the first to test positive

In the biggest single-day rise in COVID-19 cases in Mysuru, 12 new positive cases have been reported on Friday and 11 of them are linked to the pharmaceutical company in Nanjangud.

Multiple cases are being reported from Mysuru almost on a daily basis after a brief lull and the spike in cases from Nanjangud had put the district among the country’s hotspots. Till date, 61 cases are linked to Jubilant Generics Limited in Nanjangud.

Interestingly, 11 cases – 10 from Nanjangud and one from Mysuru – are the contacts of Patient Number 52, the man who was the first employee of the company testing positive. Medical Eductation Minister K. Sudhakar had told The Hindu on Thursday that the employee had alleged contact with a Chinese person even though the Mysuru district police maintained that the source of infection was yet to be identified.

With the 12 new cases on Friday, Mysuru has the highest number of active cases – 61 active cases among 73 positive cases reported so far.

Barring Patient Number 321, a 41-year-old female from Mysuru city, who is the contact of Patient Number 273, the rest are linked to the first patient who has now recovered and discharged from hospital.

The tests of samples of primary and secondary contacts of the employees were awaited and a large number of them belonging to the secondary contacts had been sent to Nimhans in Bengaluru for the tests.

The government has made tests mandatory for all the contacts of the employees irrespective of symptoms. This means the employees, their primary and secondary contacts, a large number of them in facility quarantine and some of whom had even completed two weeks of quarantine, are undergoing the tests.

Until the lab results are out, they would continue to remain in quarantine. A few days ago, nine people, who had been in quarantine since over 18 days and showed no symptoms, tested positive.

All the cases are being closely monitored and those discharged till date were under watch.

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