BJP reiterates demand for judicial probe into irrigation, power deals

State’s solar tariff high, says Laxman

Telangana Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president K. Laxman on Friday reiterated the party demand for a judicial inquiry by a sitting High Court judge into the various deals of the TRS government in the fields of irrigation and power.

“We are ready to present evidence to the judicial probe and will not respond to any official giving any clarification on the various project details,” he said at a press conference at the State party office. The BJP leader maintained that there was a “big scam” in the solar power unit rates as it was much more than the rates in neighbouring Andhra Pradesh.

Continuing the battle of words with TRS working president K.T. Rama Rao on the membership enrolment of the party, the BJP chief claimed that his party already has 12 lakh new members in addition to 18 lakh and “another six lakh will be enrolled to take it to 30 lakh with each and every entry accounted for with mobile number and photo”.

Rather than accuse the BJP of fudging membership figures, KTR should look at the manner in which his party has been enrolling new members where at some places they are more than the voters of the particular area! “It is open secret that TRS is enticing membership offering free insurance and holding out threats of stopping pensions, two-bedroom houses and other welfare schemes,” he alleged.

Mr. Laxman observed that the TRS leadership appears to be nervous with the surging popularity of the BJP among the youth and other sections of society.

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