BJP trying to sell properties at ‘throwaway’ prices: AAP

The Aam Aadmi Party on Monday said the BJP-ruled North Delhi Municipal Corporation is planning to “run away” after selling 125 community centres and other Government properties at “throwaway” prices.

AAP leader Saurabh Bharadwaj said, “The BJP is trying to sell every piece of property and every single thing that the corporation owns. There is nothing short of robbery happening inside the civic body in broad daylight. And this time they have broken all previous records.”

The civic body is auctioning 125 community centres, 37 physical centres and gyms, four sports complexes, 23 senior citizens’ recreation centres, one Mahila Haat and a working women’s hostel at “throwaway prices”, he added.

The AAP leader said that the community centers are used by the common man to host weddings of their children because they cannot afford to pay for a hotel or rent out a farmhouse.

“They [BJP] say they will give these centers to NGOs, companies, societies, and corporations. If you ask if these centers are being sold off, they’ll refute by saying they’re only giving the centers on lease for 99 years. But as you must already know, even when you buy a flat from the DDA, you get it on a lease for 99 years, after which the lease expires and who even lives to 99? The Government gives its things out only for 99 years,” Mr. Bharadwaj said.

North body Leader of the House , BJP’s Yogesh Verma, called AAP’s allegations “baseless”.

He added, “AAP has a habit of making allegations without reading up on the subject. This subject is not a part of the North MCD’s house agenda nor is it being proposed as an option. We completely disagree with the allegations.”

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