Building up of ‘Modi persona’ is reason for CPI(M)’s drubbing, says Sitaram Yechury

The CPI(M) general secretary say that “Modi persona” was built through a combination of factors including the effective use of technology, backed by big data analytics

At the end of the two-day Polit Bureau (PB) meeting of the CPI(M) to introspect on reasons for the severe set back in the recent Lok Sabha elections, particularly in their strongholds, the party has blamed that the BJP managed to distract from real issues by building up of the “Modi Persona”.

CPI(M) General Secretary Sitaram Yechury said that this “persona” was built through a combination of factors. “The factors included the effective use of technology and its instruments of messaging to people backed by big data analytics and micro-level social engineering,” Mr. Yechury added.

He also alleged that the Election Commission played a critical role in the victory of the BJP. “The BJP could successfully shift the popular narrative away from the multitude of livelihood issues that the last five years of the NDA government had imposed,” the party said.

“The narrative built around communal nationalist jingoism, along with the issues of fighting terrorism, brushed aside all other issues of day-to-day concerns of the people,” the PB said in a statement.

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