Cabinet approval for biomining of legacy waste

Nearly 3 lakh tonnes has accumulated at the sewage farm in Vidyaranyapuram

The city’s cleanliness quotient is set to shore consequent to the Cabinet approval for bio-mining or bioremediation to treat and clear the legacy waste accumulated over a period of many years.

Nearly 3.08 lakh tonnes of untreated waste has accumulated at the sewage farm in Vidyaranyapuram which had resulted in air pollution in the area with local residents hitting the streets to protest the foul odour emanating from the spot.

The mountain of garbage was also an eyesore for the city which is vying for the top honours under the Swachh Bharat clean city rankings. After years of discussion on the best method to treat and eliminate the waste the Mysuru City Corporation (MCC) decided to adopt the Indore model which cleared nearly 15 lakh tonnes of waste in three years.

In contrast, the accumulated waste in Mysuru is 3.08 lakh tonnes and hence is expected to be completed much earlier. The MCC’s decision was approved by the government and the detailed project report received Cabinet approval on Saturday, according to Mysuru MP Pratap Simha.

The project will cost around ₹14.38 crore.

The city generates nearly 450 tonnes of waste daily of which 250 tonnes are treated and recycled while about 200 tonnes tend to pile up and accumulate at the sewage farm in Vidyaranyapuram. Though it was estimated that the quantum of the legacy waste in Mysuru was nearly 2 lakh tonnes, Mr.Simha said it was re-estimated and assessed to be around 3.08 lakh tonnes. Though the project had received approval in the past, the government had split it into three works and had called for 3 different tenders. But this was opposed by the stakeholders, and the officials of the MCC expressed concern that coordination among three different contractors would be difficult which would defeat the purpose of ensuring clearance of the legacy waste. Hence the project was re-submitted to the government which has now accorded administrative clearance for biomining.

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