Call for village-level women protection teams

Mallu Swarajyam stresses on immediate ban on liquor, narcotics

Taking a critical view of the functioning of women protection and enforcement agencies in preventing crimes in the State and across the country, senior Communist Party of India (Marxist) leader Mallu Swarajyam said that village-level women protection teams should be formed.

In addition to strict implementation of women-related laws, she said that an immediate ban must be placed on liquor and narcotic substance abuse to arrest crimes against women.

Speaking at the All India Democratic Women’s Association’s State meeting here on Saturday, nonagenarian Swarajyam unveiled the movement’s flag and deliberated on the need for immediate actions to prevent future crimes against children and women.

She said women must be sufficiently trained for their economic empowerment, self-defence techniques and for protection of villages. She said they should draw inspiration from the many women of the Telangana People’s Armed Struggle.

“Mahila Rakshana Dalalu should also be paid an allowance. Adolescents and women in villages must be trained in self-defence techniques,” she said, remembering the recent rape and murders in Telangana.

Ms. Swarajyam said women and civil society organisations must play an active role and mount pressure on the State dispensation to bring about a complete prohibition of liquor and narcotic substances.

AIDWA leaders Malini Bhattacharya and Mariam Dhawale were present along with the veteran leader.

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