Call to conserve lifesaving water sources, ecology

Water sources facing degradation, says Lakshmikutty

Conservation of all lifesaving water sources has become the most urgent need of the times, says Lakshmikutty, who practises traditional tribal medicine in the Kallar forests in Thiruvananthapuram.

Ms. Lakshmikutty, popularly known as ‘Vana Muthassi’, was inaugurating an environment meet held as part of the 108th annual Hindu religious convention on the sandbed of the Pampa at Cherukolpuzha, near Kozhencherry, on Tuesday afternoon. Almost all water sources are facing degradation as the authorities concerned are least concerned about conserving the environment, she said. She said many skin diseases were due to environment pollution. People distancing themselves from nature was one of the reasons for many new diseases, she said.

Ms. Lakshmikutty said many tribal hamlets were facing the threat of wild animal attacks as animals were forced onto the forest fringes due to drying up of water sources in the forest interiors. Presiding over the meet, V.S.Vijayan, former chairman of the Kerala State Biodiversity Board, said the government should pursue those development projects that provided basic infrastructure without damaging the environment.

He said 74 % of India’s assets were with 1% of the population. Dr. Vijayan said wetlands and paddy fields in Kerala were facing destruction due to people’s callous attitude towards conservation. He said governments should ensure pure air, water, food, and eco-friendly homes for all.

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