Cardamom prices fall below ₹1,000 a kg

Large quantity remains unsold

Cardamom prices continue to fall and the average price quoted during auctions at Spices Park, Puttady, on Friday was below ₹1,000 a kg.

In the morning auction held by Sugandhagiri Spices Promoters and Traders Pvt. Ltd., the average price quoted for 115 lots was ₹990 a kg and the maximum price ₹1,497 a kg. Of the 23,833 kg that reached the auction centre, 23,693 kg was sold.

In the evening auction held by Idukki District Traditional Cardamom Producer Company Pvt. Ltd., 28,627 kg arrived in 116 lots and 28,232 kg was sold. The average price was ₹968 a kg and the maximum price ₹1,574 a kg.

Start of harvest

Farmers were expecting a better price in the beginning of the harvesting season. A large quantity of cardamom remained unsold with traders and farmers and it is said to be a reason for the poor prices.

Jose Scaria, a farmer at Puliyanmala, said the prices had remained low for over a year since the COVID-19 pandemic.

He said auction had remained suspended for long in the previous harvesting season. The average price in the open market was much below the average prices at the auction. There was reluctance among the traders to procure the harvest, he said.

Traders from Tamil Nadu mostly abstained from auctions as no competitive price was quoted.

Manoharan K.R., a farmer at Kumily, said that the farmers should get at least ₹1,000 a kg. He said production was likely to fall this year due to the unfavourable weather conditions. The government should take steps to prevent further fall in the prices, he added.

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