CBSE schools flooded with queries from Class 12 students

They want to know how they will be graded

With uncertainty over how class 12 grades will be calculated, many CBSE schools are planning to send students a break-up of their scores in the tests and examinations held earlier in the year to ensure that there is complete transparency over how they are graded. This comes in the wake of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) cancelling their class 12 examinations.

A principal of a CBSE school in Bengaluru said parents have been continuously calling their teachers to find out how their children were graded in the tests. “We have decided to orally tell parents all the scores so that there is no confusion once CBSE decides how the students will be assessed,” he said.

Students are worried of how they would be assessed as their class 12 scores will determine which college or university they will get admission in.

“I have not done well in my class 12 internal assessment. But I prepared really well for the examination. I wanted to get into two top colleges in the city for B.Com. Now I am not sure if I will get admission in these colleges,” said a class 12 student of a CBSE school in north Bengaluru.

Mansoor Ali Khan, member, board of management, Delhi Public Group of Schools, said that the decision to cancel the examination was a much needed move during such testing times. “We hope that the board will also ask schools to consider class 11 marks as well,” he said.

M. Srinivasan, founder, Gear Innovative International School said that for the most part, teachers, students and parents, were happy with the board’s decision. “We will however have to wait for CBSE to send us the assessment format so that we can begin grading students,” he said.

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