Chandrababu: Jagan allots 15 Cr for his house, whilst state dying in crisis

Well, everybody knows that the happening firefight between the YS Jagan and N Chandrababu Naidu could burn a rainforest. Now, the latest update suggests that there seems to be much going to happen in the coming days. The details say that former CM and TDP chief N Chandrababu has attacked the YS Jagan on his social platform. Chandrababu attacked Jagan and his government for spending a whopping of Rs 15 Crore and more on just furnishing the current AP CM’s house.

Babu blamed the YCP chief and its government saying despite having such a heavy financial crisis in the state, and how would the YS Jagan has passed the orders to build such a mega house of mega-budget at Tadepalli, Chandrababu questioned. Opposition party leader further recalled a situation saying, when Rome was burned, Nero fiddled and he further added that when AP is literally burning because of the financial stress since five months, the Nero of Andhra Pradesh who is the chief minister was busy in playing video games at his lavishly built home of whopping budget Rs 15.65 Crore.

Babu accused Jagan saying, Jagan and his government has administered whopping funds of 73 lakhs to just fix windows to the house to which former CM has lashed out for having such an expensive and lavish home in such situations where the state is burning in economical and financial crisis. Ever Since five months, Andhra Pradesh state was in a financial crisis and all the state development works were also stopped. Along with this, YCP has also blocked the sand flow by accusing TDP people of making huge profits in it.

Earlier, the YCP government has issued notices to former CM N Chandrababu for possessing a lavish house that was claimed to be illegally built of the bank of the Krishna river. And now a couple of weeks later, Babu has come up with a pile of proofs that speaks how public money was poured in making the Jagan’s house.

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