Child among four dead in California office shooting

This is the third such incident of gun violence in weeks

Four people, including a child, were shot and killed on Wednesday evening at an office building in Southern California, police said.

It is the third such shooting in the United States in weeks, with 18 people killed in two separate gun violence incidents in March.

The shooter, whose motivations are so far unknown, sustained a gunshot wound and was taken to hospital, police lieutenant Jennifer Amat said, adding the suspect was in a critical condition.

She continued that officers were still working to determine whether the wound was self-inflicted or a result of an exchange of fire with the police.

The police did not release any more information about the victims, but said that a fifth individual — a woman — had been hospitalised and was in a critical condition.

“The situation has been stabilised and there is no threat to the public,” the Orange Police Department said in a post on Facebook.

The incident began around 5.30 p.m. local time on the upper floor of a small office building in the city of Orange.

Police and the suspect exchanged fire, according to the Los Angeles Times.

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