Chinna Jeeyar condemns attacks on temples

Tridandi seer announces his plan to tour State from January 17

Sri Tridandi Srimannarayana Ramanuja Chinna Jeeyar has reacted bitterly to the attacks on temples in the State. “There is no security to idols and temples, and there is no clue on what is happening. Most of the temples that have been vandalised are under the control of the Endowments Department,” he said.

The seer chose not to blame the government or any individual for the attacks, but said, “if the attacks were on a church or on a mosque, the whole world would have responded.”

The temples were like wounded persons and required attention. Everyone should condemn the attack on places of worship whether it was a temple or a church or a mosque, he said

Chinna Jeeyar was addressing the media on Tuesday to announce his plans to launch a yatra from January 17 to instil confidence in the locals. The yatra would cover all the temples that were attacked. The locals need solace. Their opinions would be elicited during the yatra. Future action plan would be chalked out after holding discussions with eminent personalities and stakeholders, he said, adding, “Now, it is more important to heal the wounds rather than pondering over things like who is responsible.”

‘Not against govt.’

“The yatra is planned as the very existence of temples is at stake. It was not correct to keep silent at this juncture. Neither I am against nor in favour of any government. It it not correct to give a political tinge,” he said.

When asked why he was silent when temples were demolished by the previous government during Krishna pushkarams, the seer said, “I was not there during that time.” It may be recalled that more than 30 temples in the city were razed to ground as part of the Krishna pushkarams development plans.

To another question, Chinna Jeeyar said that plans to organise 1,000 car rally to save 1,000 pillar mandapam was postponed following a report and suggestions given by Andhra Pradesh High Court judge then. But, it was not due to lack of seriousness, he added.

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