Chiranjeevi meets K Vishwanath on Diwali

Mega Star Chiranjeevi along with his wife Surekha has visited his guru K Vishwananth on the occasion of Diwali. He took the blessings from the master director. K Vishwanath has recently completed 90 years. Chiranjeevi enquired the health condition of K Vishwanath on this occasion.

It was known that Chiranjeevi went in a bit of confusion recently as a faulty RT PCR kit has tested COVID positive and later he has undergone three different tests to prove himself COVID negative and prove that the kit that tested him positive was a faulty one.

In K Vishwanath’s direction, Chiranjeevi has acted in a few memorable flicks like Subhalekha, Swayam Krushi, and Apadbandhavudu. Most of their combination flicks are classics.

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