Clarity given by Koratala Shiva about Anushka's role in Acharya

It is known that the Acharya movie will be released worldwide in a few hours. Chiranjeevi and Charan fans are happy that Acharya bookings are picking up by the time of release. It is heard that director Koratala Siva has already clarified that Kajal’s role in Acharya’s film has been completely removed. Anushka is rumored to be starring in this film after the news broke that Kajal has been removed from Acharya.

However, director Koratala Shiva said that Anushka will not be acting in this film as part of Acharya promotions. Shiva directly gave clarity about the rumors on Acharya. Fans who expected Anushka to play in Acharya seem to be disappointed. On the other hand, there is a lot of discussion among the audience about the films directed by Koratala Shiva.

It is noteworthy that the heroine in every movie of Koratala Shiva is non-local. The heroine does not appear in the first half of the movie Acharya. It remains to be seen how Koratala Shiva will deal with these scenes. The success of this film is crucial for Koratala Siva in terms of his career. Koratala Shiva spent four years together in this film.

It remains to be seen whether the result of that difficulty will be met with this film. On the other hand, Chiranjeevi, Charan and Koratala Shiva will get remuneration depending on the money left after the release. It is informed that Chiranjeevi, Charan and Koratala Shiva will face some reduction in remuneration due to the increase in interest burden on Acharya. In Koratala Shiva movies the story is simple but the narration is awesome. That is why a series of successes are approaching in this director’s account.

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