Coimbatore corporation's new payment system fully operational

Coimbatore Corporation has resumed assessing properties for tax, vacant lands for tax, processing applications for water or underground connection and accepting payments online as the new software is ready.

A release from the Corporation said since it migrated to the Urban Tree Information System, it had facilitated 82,278 transactions. Now, applicants could pay fee online for assessing property tax, any of the above mentioned services or dangerous and offensive trade licence fee or for plan approval.

They should go to the Coimbatore Corporation website,, click on ‘online payment of tax’ to pay tax or charges or fee or visit to register their tax assessment details or choose the quick pay option to pay tax.

While paying property tax, they should choose old assessment no/old connection no, prefix 162 to their property tax assess number of water connection number to pay tax. A detailed know-how, the release said, was available online at

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