Collector’s namesake visits her

Couple named their adopted baby after Navjot Khosa who had helped them

District Collector Navjot Khosa had a visitor at her camp office on Friday—baby Navjot.

Ms. Khosa had helped a couple from Thiruvananthapuram adopt the baby, a boy, from another State during the lockdown last year.

The couple had decided to adopt the child when the lockdown came into effect. The legal hurdles they faced just multiplied. They feared that unable to travel to the other State, years of waiting for a child would go in vain. The couple then met the Collector and sought her help.

Moved by the plight of the couple, Ms. Khosa contacted the District Collector of the place from where the boy was being adopted and expedited steps for the couple to secure travel pass for their journey. Not only that, she intervened wherever required till the couple reached their destination, completed the formalities, and returned with the boy.

Ms. Khosa said she only did what was required as part of her official responsibilities, and she never expected it would bring so much joy into the lives of the couple.

Though the couple had decided on a name for the child when they set off for the adoption, by the time they crossed various State borders mentioning Ms. Khosa’s name to the authorities there and finally reached their destination, their fondness for the Collector’s name increased.

They then decided to name their boy after the Collector who had helped them make him a part of their family, the couple said.

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