Compensation ‘reduced’ for Mogilicheruvu tanda oustees

Villagers say much higher amounts were mentioned on cheques in the past

Banothu Raju is a resident of Mogilicheruvu tanda located in Toguta mandal. This tanda is going to get submerged in Mallannasagar, of which construction is nearing completion.

The either side of the road that leads to the tanda is already dug up and is full of water.

Last week, the residents of this village had frequent visitors – revenue and police, the latter in large numbers. The revenue officials asked them to vacate the tanda stating that all money due to them from the government will be handed over to them the moment they are shifted to the Rehabilitation and Resettlement (R&R) colony. The officials even showed them the cheques drawn on their name.

The amount of the cheques surprised and shocked many inhabitants of the tanda.

“In the past I was issued a cheque of ₹10,14,481 for my house on June 13, 2019. This time it is ₹7 lakh plus. We were not allowed to take any photo of the cheque issued on our name. I do not know the reason. How on earth rates were reduced in two years that too when the government officials fixed a rate in the past deserves to be answered, said Mr. Raju.

He said his cheque bounced in the bank for the reasons best to known to the officials.

The case of Banothu Laxmi, Lambadi Bhaskar and several others is no different. Fir instance Banothu Laxmi was issued a cheque for ₹18,91,777 on June 13, 2019 while Lambadi Bhaskar was given a cheque for ₹18,91,777 on the same day. However they didn’t accept the cheques stating that the amount offered to them is less. When villagers questioned the officials, they were informed that they would not get more amount than what the government is government is offering – and that it’s final. “The cheque payment in the past was stopped as the payment was much higher than what actually it was supposed to be. Mistakenly these numbers were mentioned on cheques in the past and that’s the reason for stopping payment. Now we are reissuing cheques with right payment,” said a revenue officer on condition of anonymity.

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