Concerns over flyover aired at public hearing

Compensation for land, traffic congestion among worries

Fears whether the proposed Light Metro will take off, demands for adequate compensation for the land being surrendered, and apprehensions of traffic congestion in Plamoodu and PMG Junction came up at a public hearing on the draft report of the Social Impact Assessment (SIA) study for acquiring land for the 1,005-metre flyover at Pattom junction.

Highlighting the government decision to look into the feasibility of linking Technopark to the Pallipuram-Karamana Light Metro corridor, Babu Jose K. said the LRTS should also be linked to Medical College premises to reduce congestion at Pattom Junction. Mr. Jose was also critical of the laxity of authorities’ in make available parking facilities.

Vijayan, who parted with the land for NH 66 widening on the stretch in 2000, asked the officials whether he would have to surrender land again. Confusion prevails over the markings in the land to be taken over, he added.

Vimal, a furniture dealer, said although the traders on both sides of the NH corridor would be affected, they were for the flyover from Pattom to Plamoodu. Sudhir, another shopkeeper, wanted clarity in the compensation to be provided for the land to be given up and for the loss of livelihood of the employees in the unit.

PSC stance

The PSC official who spoke at the public hearing said the PSC had conveyed to the authorities its reservations at parting with the prime land from its headquarters at Pattom junction.

Michael, who runs a bakery near Plamoodu junction, expressed his concern over the traffic congestion at the narrow mouth of the two one-ways once the flyover is completed. To overcome this, he suggested pushing the flyover further up to PMG Junction.

The SIA study was done by Rajagiri Outreach, a society under the Rajagiri College of Social Science, Kalamassery. Fifty-five persons will lose land and 44 employees and 11 tenants will have a negative impact on their livelihoods.

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