Confront me, but spare people, Pawan tells YSRCP leaders

He accuses the ruling party of unleashing a reign of terror in State

Jana Sena Party president Pawan Kalyan has raised the “fear factor” among the people of the State, accusing the government of unleashing a reign of terror in various forms.

Addressing an impressive public meeting after a thunderous roadshow here on Saturday, Mr. Pawan Kalyan accused the State of trying to infuse a sense of fear among the people to “continue its loot.”

Viveka murder

He also recalled the “sluggish probe” into the gruesome murder of former MP Y.S. Vivekananda Reddy, who is the paternal uncle of the Chief Minister, to show the “poor law and order situation” in the State.

Appealing to the people to raise their voice against the “oppressive government,” Mr. Pawan Kalyan said it was time for the voters to show their might.

“Fight back. You can break the shackles,” he said, amid a rousing cheer from the people.

Accusing the government of backing “goonda and faction” elements in the Rayalaseema region, the JSP president lashed out at the YSRCP for “reducing the home of Sri Krishna Devaraya, Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy, Annamacharya and Veerabrahmendra Swamy into a land of violent and ruffian elements.”

On the spate of attacks by people owing allegiance to the YSRCP, he dared the ruling party leaders to confront him, but spare the common man.

“Pawan Kalyan is ready for a direct confrontation with you, leave the people,” he said, and added that the State would witness a change in a new direction in the coming days.

Explaining why the JSP had decided to give up its claim on the Tirupati seat in favour of the BJP, Mr. Pawan Kalyan said the Jana Sena had the conviction that only a national party could take forward development projects and, at the same time, tackle burning issues such as felling of redsanders trees in the Seshachalam forest, conversion attempts, sacrilege of idols etc.

The BJP-JSP candidate, K. Ratna Prabha, tied a ‘rakhi’ to Mr. Pawan Kalyan and called him her “brother,” who would ensure her victory in the byelection.

State co-in-charge Sunil Deodhar cheered up the audience by invoking Mr. Pawan Kalyan’s film titles such as ‘Vakeelsaab’ and ‘Gabbar Singh’.

JSP political advisory committee (PAC) chief Nadendla Manohar flayed the ruling party for filing fake cases against Jana Sainiks.

BJP State president Somu Veerraju spoke.

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