Cong sure to win 72 seats in the next elections: Revanth

TRS has failed to keep its promises, points out TPCC president

Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee president A. Revanth Reddy has asserted that the Congress is sure to win at least 72 of the 119 constituencies in the elections to Assembly whenever they are held.

Political situation in the State was turning in favour of the Congress as the TRS government failed to fulfil a majority of promises it had made to the people. The TRS government had put an end to the fee reimbursement, Arogya Sri and other schemes introduced by the Congress and the government had not taken any steps to fill vacant posts in the government departments.

Mr. Revanth Reddy was speaking at a meeting of constituency-level coordiantors of Congress at Gandhi Bhavan on Thursday. All India Congress Committee in-charge Manickam Tagore who attended the meeting interacted with the party leaders to enquire about the political situation in the State. The TPCC president said the previous Congress governments had initiated several programmes in the interests of dalits and tribes but the TRS government had stalled the implementation of these programmes since it took over the reins.

Stoppage of schemes like Arogya Sri imposed undue burden on the poorer sections, dalits and tribes in particular and the retrograde policies of the government ensured that these sections were distanced from education. The government failed to focus on filling backlog vacancies in these categories and was focused on implementing Dalit Bandhu scheme in a single constituency with an eye on the election gains.

The Congress being the main Opposition in the State should gear up to question the government on this aspect as the TRS was known to give several promises before elections and ignore them later. This could be seen from the fact that the government had assured ₹ 10,000 compensation for all families affected by floods in the city last year. “How can the Chief Minister allot funds to 30 lakh dalit families when the government failed to release ₹ 10,000 assured to the families hit by floods in the city?” he asked.

Mr. Revanth Reddy asked the district Congress committees to ensure success of the Atma Gourava Dandora (movement for self-pride) started from August 9, the day marking the launch of Quit India movement to September 17, Hyderabad Liberation Day. The performance of the leaders would ensure that they get due recognition in the due course.

Mr. Manickam Tagore stressed the need for intensifying efforts in terms of strengthening the party’s organizational structure and said the party leadership was firmly against those who neglect their responsibilities. Steps should be taken to build up the organization from the polling booth level and appointment of booth level agents should be completed at the earliest. The party should continue its struggle against the “anti-people” policies of the government simultaneously and publicise the “corruption in the government” to the grass root level.

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