Congress, a party sans mental growth: Kushboo

The former Congress spokesperson joined the BJP on Tuesday.

Congress is a party which has no thinking capacity and no mental development, former Congress spokesperson, Kushboo Sundar, who joined the BJP said on Tuesday.

Speaking to reporters at the Chennai airport, Ms. Kushboo hit out at TNCC president K.S. Alagiri for his statement that the Congress had seen her only as an actress and that she did not have thinking capability.

“One leader [L. Murugan] is trying to build a party convincing people that BJP alone can do good for the country. Another leader [Alagiri] says I don’t have intelligence. So they came to know after six years of my hard work for the Congress that I don’t have intelligence?,” Ms. Kushboo asked.

She also said no one could criticise anything within the Congress party. “That’s a party where no one can even make criticisms internally. How can such a party be good for the country?,” she asked. When reporters asked if she would be able to make internal criticisms in the BJP, she said she believed that was possible. “I have confidence that BJP will not be like that [Congress]. I will answer when that sort a situation [where internal criticism is not allowed] arises,” she said.

Ms. Kushboo also said that her job as opposition spokesperson was to criticise the government and its schemes as politically and democratically having an opposition is good for the country. “But I supported NEP, abolition of triple talaq. You cannot criticise everything just for the sake of being the opposition,” she said.

She further added that she had carried out her job as opposition spokesperson to the best of her abilities when she was with the Congress. “I was loyal to that party till the last day I was there,” she said. She also added that the Congress was trying to find various faults with everything despite many of the schemes such as the GST, NEP, Farm Acts being started by the Congress itself.

On Mr. Alagiri’s criticism that she joined the BJP at the behest of her husband, director Sundar. C. reportedly facing financial problems, she asked whether people had ever seen him at any of the events with her/ “There is no such issue. “The fact that they are making all these allegations show how terrible they are,” she said.

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