Congress privatised electricity, not CPM: Pinarayi Vijayan

Mr. Vijayan says that Kerala has gained huge development in the field of electricity during the last five years.

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said that it was the Congress government that brought privatization in the electricity and the BJP is continuing it to complete the process.

Responding to the allegation raised by the Opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala, who alleged that the LDF government signed an agreement with the Adani group to buy power at an increased rate, the CM said that all the agreements made by the KSEB is published in the official website.

He said that Kerala has gained huge development in the field of electricity during the last five years. However, the opposition might be wishing to destroy it. The state experienced no power cut and load shedding in the last five year of LDF government. But it seems the opposition is jealous about it, he said.

"Is it correct for the opposition leader to demoralise KSEB for doing such a wonderful job. Should the Opposition leader focus on such things? If this was a bomb they were talking about, it is diffused and gone waste," Mr. Vijayan responded to the allegations.

The Chief Minister said that the announcement of the BJP leaders to repeat the coup in the Tripura election in Kerala is a very serious matter. The BJP top brass, who are making such statements in the state, where the party has not been able to open their account is interesting and of concern.

But the people of Kerala would give a fitting reply. The BJP and RSS, who are dreaming of such a coup, it will remain as their dream, he added. The people in the state will not support communalism. The upcoming election would repeat this fact, he observed.

The BJP, which swallowed the Congress in Tripura and came to power. But when Congress and League made such a move here, people defeated them and stood with LDF. The secular-minded people here did not allow the CoLeBi front, and they would flush out their opportunistic politics into the Arabian sea, he added.

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Hitting out against the opposition, who is not ready to discuss the welfare developmental measures in last five years, the CM said that the government which believes that it is the right of the people, has given away ₹30,000 crore as welfare pension, spent ₹8,830 crores for LIFE project, over ₹3000 crore for making Hitech schools, development of the hospital, agriculture growth and other measures to help the common people.

The State is in the forefront in all areas. But both BJP and Congress are not ready to discuss it, he observed. The main issue in this election is whether to preserve the Kerala model as an alternative to the privatization and liberalization policies pursued by the Congress and BJP central governments over the last three decades

On the issue of double voters, Mr. Vijayan said that it is the administrative work of the Election commission. If there are double votes, it should be found and rectified, he opined.

At the local level they have started the work to identify such anomalies, but has the UDF utilised those options, he asked. Instead of doing that the opposition leader published the 4 lakh voters list on the website, called them bogus voters and tried to insult them, he added.

Mr. Vijayan said the statement and wrong allegations of Opposition leader is now being spread through the social media like Twitter to defame the state. The communal forces are using the wrong allegations against the state, he added.

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