Coronavirus | Health Ministry issues revised SOP for exams

The Union Health Ministry has issued a revised standard operating procedure (SOP) on preventive measures to be followed while conducting examinations to contain spread of COVID-19, here on Thursday, removing the clause to facilitate symptomatic candidates who insist on taking the exam to do so in isolation.

The revised SOP notes that in the regular course, a symptomatic candidate should be referred to the nearest health centre and given an opportunity to undertake the examination through other means, or the university/ educational institution shall arrange for the exam at a later date, when the student is declared fit.

However, if a student is found to be symptomatic, the permission or denial thereof in such cases shall be granted as per the policy already enunciated on the issue by the authorities conducting the examination.

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The SOP also notes that the examination centre should have a designated isolation room for isolating any person who is found to be symptomatic at the time of screening or during the examination, till such time that medical advice may be sought.

“A clear policy on allowing/disallowing symptomatic candidates to undertake examinations shall be delineated by the Examination Conducting Authorities in advance,” it added.

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