Corporation rescues stray mares

The Coimbatore Corporation rescued seven stray mares (female horses) that were found on the streets in Selvapuram and relocated the animals to VOC Park for temporary maintenance.

According to the officials, the mares were rescued from Priya Nagar in Selvapuram (Ward No. 76) on Friday evening following complaints from residents. The mares were allegedly blocking the traffic and causing nuisance to the residents, following which they petitioned the district administration. A team from the Corporation’s South Zone rescued the animals, which were later brought to the VOC Park to be looked after by the staff members of the VOC Park Zoo.

The owners have not come forward to claim the animals as of Saturday, the officials said. It is likely that the mares were intended to be sold at an annual cattle and horse shandy in Erode district, but as the shandy was not organised this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, these were abandoned on the streets here, according to the officials.

E. Senthilnathan, Zoo Director, said on Saturday that the zoo staff members were providing feed and water to the mares kept at the park. “If the owners claim [these mares], we will levy a fine and hand these over,” he said, adding that the animals would be sent to a goshala, if remained unclaimed.

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