Couple, their cow get electrocuted

A newly married couple and their cow were electrocuted after they stepped on an electric fence that was erected illegally by their neighbour in Uilipadur village near Katpadi in Vellore on Tuesday. The illegal electric fence was erected by their neighbour, a farmer, to prevent wild boars from damaging his crop.

Police said N. Jayaprakash, 34, and his wife J. Ashwini, 25, farmers in Uilipadur village, went on a search for their three-year-old cow. They saw the cow lying on the paddy field of their neighbour. On spotting the animal, they immediately tried to enter the land by negotiating the electric fence and got electrocuted. The neighbour, S. Vijayakymar, and his workers were said to have erected the illegal electric fence to prevent wild boars from damaging the crops on the farmland. A case has been registered by the Thiruvalam police near Katpadi.

“We are investigating the incident,” said Anandan, Inspector, Katpadi police.

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